Bush Hammering is a superior alternative when creating dust free non slip areas. Its simply a case of doing something right the first time, then never having to worry about it again. 

Some of the biggest advantages we see with Bush Hammering over other anti slip finishes is the fact that we are not relying on topical grits, flooring coverings or toppings for grip. There is nothing that can wear off or lift over time,  we are taking an already stable substrate, working with it and improving both the surface and it's life span. Not to mention making it look fantastic. Bush Hammering truly is the perfect solution for so many different situations as it looks great, works great and is long lasting.

This is a solution that ticks all the boxes!

Why is Bush Hammering better?

Bush Hammering
- Single application
- Extremely resilient
- Zero Maintenance
- No re- application required
- Suitable for heavy machinery - forklifts perform extremely well on these surfaces
-Exceeds slip ratings for public places
- Architectural appeal

Anti-Slip Coating
- Requires Concrete grinding beforehand
- Grits wear off quickly
- Requires ongoing maintenance
- Requires re application after 3- 4 years
- Will need redoing eventually